We all know BBN stands for "Big Blue Nation" but the more interesting question is what does it represent?  Like most kids that grew up in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, my parents taught me what it meant to bleed blue.  I learned that "BBN" represented the University of Kentucky fan base., not bound by the state boundaries of Kentucky.  However, if you ask the UK athlete what does BBN represent the response will be a little different.  They will use words like passion, loyalty, everywhere, motivation, loud, or la familia. No matter what your interpretation is of the three little letters "BBN", we can all agree the reason for its existence is to cheer on our beloved Kentucky Wildcats. 

When we first decided to launch a company that provides high quality affordable jewelry to fanbases around the country, there was no doubt which one we would start with.  What makes the launch of FP Luxury even better is that the Name. Image. Likeness. era has given us an opportunity to partner and support our favorite UK athletes. 

The first players we are partnering with include Kellan Grady, Daimion Collins, Leah Edmond, and Alli Stumler.  Unlike other NIL deals, the fans will have a unique opportunity to financially support these athletes through purchasing the BBN pendants and charms.  We have created multiple variations of the pendant so that every loyal fan can purchase one.